Using a Handheld Blender – The Certain Advantages

handheld blender

handheld blender

Should I buy a handheld blender? – You feel confused on this. Yes, right now, this article will show the advantages of the handheld blender when using. Based on there, you can consider choosing to purchase one or not. Let’s see!

The Advantages of a Handheld Blender

You can refer a handheld blender to a stick blender. It can say that it is one of the most common used home appliances. Nonetheless, a couple of people still feel confused in investing a handheld blender or counter top one. A small version of the hand mixer is the handheld blender – according to some people assume. It isn’t wrong.

With a long shaft like a stick and an only-rotating blade, this one creates the difference from the standard blenders with two blades and a bowl in order to blend an automatic way. To prevent the risk of injuries, this handheld blender has a blade guard. It is noticed that the material of the shaft is often the stainless steel or plastic. And the steel is also used to make the blades.

Thanks to the compact size, you can utilize to blend things in the bowls, pots, or jars. For a traditional blender, you are going to have to mix all things in the bowl. There is the difference between two of them – the handheld blender and traditional blender. Aside from what mentioned, the handheld blender has other advantages.

Why Should I Utilize a Hand Blender?

Using a handheld blender

You often spend a lot of time in your kitchen so as to process the various dishes for your relatives and friends, right? Well, a handheld blender will be a great home appliance for you. At present, there are plenty of different home models available on the market. However, it is important that a handheld blender will be able to satisfy the essential needs and help you to do other necessary tasks. The majority of the hand blenders can do the capacities of the fundamental mixing. With the advanced models, they still have the additional attachments, which enable to you to do more.

Yes, it is sure that you will want to buy a flexible hand blender to complete the various jobs. In additional to that, it must make sure that you feel it fit your hand. To take care of tasks not difficult, you need to a good balance. Let’s have peace of mind! With a handheld blender, you can mix pudding, combine cake, whisk egg, and whip cream. So good!!!


A handheld blender is flexible

Saying to the handheld blender, it ought to know that you are able to use it for a wide range of recipes, smoothies, baby food, and soup, for example. These ones can be performed an easy manner if you choose to utilize this device. Simply, adding the necessary ingredients and inserting the blade into an end of your blender, the next is to turn on it, by pressing the ‘start’ button.

Using the handheld blender, it allows you to puree or blend the food before or after being cooked. The food will be sprayed everywhere and will make your kitchen become mess – no – no – no. This one will never occur. With the beneficial design, a longer shaft helps hold the food inside when blending. The power button will always be pressed while using, so it must ensure that this button may press down an easy manner. Let’s keep this in your mind when choosing to purchase a handheld blender!


A handheld blender is convenient

It is probably that this is the largest advantages of the handheld blender in comparison with the traditional models. Once you utilize this hand blender, the pot can directly be used, instead of transferring the mixture from this container to another one – it is unnecessary.

On the other hand, the operation of this model is quiet if you compare to other countertop products. This feature is especially ideal for those family have the little kids. What’s more, cleaning is also not difficult because of the removable blade. Only with a clean cloth, you can easily clean it. One thing you are not forgotten – it remembers to unplug the blade before you remove the leftover food on it.

A Wide Range of Accessories

many accessories

Aside from the whisks – the frother (for coffee drinks) and chopping tools that we want to mention to, a couple of handheld blenders have other extra accessories. In particular, there is a jar or a mixing bowl. Yes, it is very handy because you can mix all the ingredients in a separate container when needing. What a beneficial it is!

Apart from, with a variety of speed, the handheld blenders allow you to utilize for many various purposes. The difference from the traditional models, with the tough items, you should not utilize these handheld blenders, which are only suitable for the softer items. Let’s remember!

If you want to knead dough, the handheld blender will provide a beneficial look when it is equipped the dough hooks. Don’t be in doubt! The result is the same as utilizing your hands to knead. Do you want to puree and blend sauces as well as soups in the deep stockpots? Well, the length of the handheld blender can be extended easily. So great!!!


It cannot deny that the developing technology makes our life more convenient. Thanks to these modern devices, everything around us becomes simpler and easier, including, cooking. To cook rice, we have a rice cooker. To grill, the gas grill is convenient. If you want to serve a fast breakfast, a toaster over is always ready. And to blend, there is…a handheld blender.

You also see what we mentioned above. This model has plenty of advantages when using. Once you know how to pick up a proper one, it will be a beneficial home appliance in your kitchen. You still have suspicions about the handheld blenders that do not invest a reliable one. It makes sure that your cooking is going to become simpler than ever.