Slow Cookers versus Thermal Pots

How the slow cooker work

The slow cooker and the thermal pot

It is certain that you get used to seeing slow cookers and thermal pots on the market, right? So, do you know their function as well as what they are utilized in your kitchen? There isn’t short of the available brands that are appreciated well. Correspondingly, you feel confused when must choose either two.

Yes, it lets us tell you. In fact, they are not different from the function, but there has a difference related to the technical aspect. Using both, you can keep the soup or stew for a long period of time. Nonetheless, one utilizes the electricity while the other is not. There don’t have the science lessons. Simply, we only make a couple of comparison between thermal pots and slow cookers. Let’s start!!!

Some Simple Comparison Related to Slow Cookers and Thermal Pots

The Slow Cooker

When saying to the slow cooker, we must know that it utilizes the electricity, along with the attached thermostat at the bottom. Thanks to that, your soups/ stews are held warm all a day in a long time. Owing to having owned a thermostat, it allows us to adjust the temperature like our desire.

The inside of the slow cooker uses the normal Chinese method in order to keep the warmth by utilizing a couple of the stone material, porcelain or ceramic, for example. It is known that the thermostat is based on the supplement of the electricity so as to produce the heat a constant way. And then, this heat continues to be transferred from the bottom into the inside of the pot. Exactly, the convection of the heat will occur in the pot. Because of the thick stone material inside the pot, losing the heat is no more. It takes place at a slow rate.

How the slow cooker work

You just need to observe a bit that you can recognize the special thing. The slow cooker has the outer pot that looks glossy. This one is not natural. It is deliberate so because this one makes the heat loss slow through utilizing the law of radiation. On the other hand, with the thick glass, the lid of the slow cooker helps minimize the heat loss.

Basically, there is a whole operation of the slow cooker. It is important that you only remember that it utilizes the electricity to keep the heat.

The Thermal Pot

To understand how the thermal pot operates, you let remember the heat-transferring theory as well as the vacuum flasks in physics that you are studied in school. By applying the laws of heat conduction, convection, and radiation so as to help keep the heat.

The means of vacuum will reduce the heat convection and conduction a significant, but it isn’t total. In comparison with the foam, the vacuum is still better. For the time being, the thermal pot has an inner wall and outer wall. And then, the vacuum is in the middle of these walls. Thanks to the supplement of vacuum, both the heat convection and conduction is significantly minimized.

How the thermal pot work

In additional to that, the means of the silvering layers make the infrared radiation reduce on the walls/sides of the inside of the pot. It cannot deny that two lids (both the outer and inner one) with the insulating support at the bottom of pot greatly minimizes the heat-losing process. The minimization of the heat conduction, convection and radiation are due to the combination of the silver layers and vacuum. Similar to one vacuum flask, the thermal pots may also keep the temperature at the cold and hot level in a long time, based on the theory of the heat transfer.

Do you know the operating process of the thermal pots? Well, you prepare the spirit with us. The next, we will learn the difference between the two of them.

The Difference

+ Electricity: This feature is to spend for the slow cooker. On the contrary, the thermal pot doesn’t use it. Consequently, if you want to save money, the thermal pot is better.

+ The safety: For the slow cooker, whenever you want to warm the stew/soup, you only need to turn on it. Mentioning to the thermal pot, you need to place it on the stove for 10-15 minutes – it will self-cook. With this feature, you can pick up either two because it allows you to cook the soup at home or work – it is good.

+ Versatile: It needs to have a jack so that the slow cooker can operate. If you have an outdoor activity, a picnic, for example, it is obviously inconvenient. For the thermal pot, with the ability to self-cook whether it removes out of the stove, it is ideal for an outdoor dinner.

What is better?

+ Multifunction: You can utilize the slow cooker for the warm and hot purpose while the thermal pot is ideal for the cold and hot needs, utilizing to keep the cold drinks, for instance. It seems convenient!

+ The capacity of cooking: Saying to the over-cooking capacity, the slow cooker will be an ideal choice in comparison with the thermal pot. The thermal pot is to the natural slow-cooking method. The foods like the meat and vegetables can retain their color. The soup in the thermal pot is left after a long day, but it is clear. There is a practical experience of those who utilize the thermal pot and have changed into the slow cooker.

+ Convenience: For the slow cooker, you need to set up the correct temperature so as to complete the soup properly. Nonetheless, the temperature adjustment at the thermal pot is not necessary. It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook on the stove after putting it back the outer.

The purpose of the article is to help you understand a clearer way how the slow cooker and thermal pot work. Based on what things are shared, it seems the advantage to belong the thermal pot because it is more convenient and affordable so that you can cook a soup with the meat and vegetables without taking the effort.