New Cooking Uses for Your Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker

Using a rice cooker

Are you a fan of the grains? So, do you know that your rice cooker can be used to process your preferred grains? Well, apart from the grain, you can still utilize the rice cooker in order to process soups, pudding, millet, porridge, and so on. By making use of the hands-free nature, you may be easy to cook and incorporate other ingredients aside from rice.

Basically, the rice cookers bring a lot of cooking space in comparison with other home appliances. They are self-monitoring and effective. Thanks to the tight seals, they are considered as a steam-free and a cooler in the kitchen. Even, your food can be kept until you’d like to serve. At present, there are a lot of models with the various sizes on the market. Plus, a wide range of cookbooks spends for your rice cooker. Yes, right now, we will learn about a couple of new cooking uses for the rice cooker that if those who get used to thinking that it only use for cooking rice, this one should forget.

Using the Rice Cooker with New Cooking Methods

Cooking Grains with Your Rice Cooker

How to work

By cooking an intuitive way, the grain will absorb all the water completely. Then, the rice cooker will switch itself into the warming setting so as to keep warm your food until it serves. Owing to the tight seal of the machine, your rice cooker doesn’t lose a lot of liquid from evaporating. Therefore, it should only use a small amount of water, instead of utilizing more. This one is always good.

A rice cooker

Robin Asbell – a culinary advisor has given a suggestion for us – it utilizes the setting of white rice for the grain. Yes, similar to the millet, buckwheat, you will only take 25 minutes or less to complete your grains while the larger grains will be applied the setting like the brown rice. Of course, the time will be longer. Let’s try! It is certain that you will recognize what works are suitable for your need.

Aside from rice

It will be adventurous for the freed-up chef. Thanks to the additional convenience of your rice cooker, a large number of people want to try many different recipes with the new grains that they haven’t been used to cook before. It is not difficult to explore the strange grains, Kamut, for example. Inevitably, the cooking time is self-monitored. As a whole, to cook the various grains, the ratio between the water and the grains is like you often use in the rice cooker.

Your cooking time is shortened

A couple hearty grains such as Kamut, spelt, and wheat berries are able to take up 75 minutes of cooking. At that time, it takes plenty of time in order to keep your eyes on the rice cooker. Basically, the rice cooker has the automatic shut-off. The observation is to stop the cooking process switching to the warm while still cooking. This one is not necessary that you must track throughout. You can still do others.

A busy morning

All in

A couple of rice cookers have an additional basket to steam the vegetables in a simultaneous way with the grain. Obviously, there is an easy manner to add the vegetables to the meals. For example, you want to make the wheat cous cous and the vegetables. So, you just put both on the top. Surely, a delicious meal is waiting for you.

Busy morning

According to the nutrition experts, the breakfast is the most crucial meal of a day. However, with the busy life today, cooking in morning seems a limited thing. Let’s imagine that a warm breakfast has the warm oatmeal with the multi-nutrient – what a perfect it is! This one is not luxurious. By utilizing the rice cooker, it requires you to plug in it and freshen up without needing to monitor the meal yours. Simply, you just add the preferred flavorings, in particular, walnuts, apple slices, cinnamon, and more. It is too easy and simple, right? Like that, a nutritious breakfast isn’t something that you cannot reach.

Other New Cooking Uses for the Rice Cooker

You are interested in learning the new uses for your own rice cooker, aren’t you? Well, you are going the true direction. There are some other uses that you can consult:

Using rice cooker for other needs

#1. A hot meal

As we mentioned above, a breakfast isn’t still difficult. Using the rice cooker like a slow cooker, adding the cereals, a little milk, or water you will have a hot meal whenever you’d like to. Apart from the oatmeal, you can use any dried fruits or nuts if you prefer. It is noticed that the warm-keeping function will help your dish always warm for any time of the day not only the breakfast. So good!!

#2. Steaming vegetables

So ideal! Your rice cooker has owned a steamer rack, right? Well, you are able to utilize it to steam vegetables, potatoes, tofu, chicken breast, shrimp, or fish fillets. Yes, like that, serving a meal is never easy like that.

#3. Making risotto without stirring

You get used to processing sauté onion with the butter in your rice cooker, then you continue adding one section of Arborio rice with four sections of the liquid, don’t you? Well, let’s try cooking for 25 minutes, by using the slow setting if it has one. The last one, it mixes herbs or cheese a bit. It seems delicious, right?

#4. Slow-cooking beans, stews, or soups

You can also your rice cooker like a slow cooker, by adding an enough amount of liquid and your desired food, it is going to create a long-simmered dish without having to boil or scorch. You will have a warm dinner with the pea, the browned beef, and vegetables in your machine. What a perfect it is!

#5. Poaching fruit

The healthy desserts from simmering fruit in wine, syrup, or juice is ideal, right? Exactly, a rice cooker can entirely do that.

In fact, there are many other uses for a rice cooker, but what shared things above are the most common. And we hope that you will have the warm dishes from your machine, apart from rice. Happy cooking enjoy!!!