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I am going to teach you an easy system to use your coupons. There are four steps to help you be successful. To make it work, if you do not live in an area with The Lists (currently only Arizonia, Idaho, Eastern Washington, California, Utah, Las Vegas, have Lists already made),  download this tracking form.

Step 1: Organize your coupons

Step 2: PreShop

Step 3: Shopping Day

Step 4: Tracking

26 Responses to “The System”

  1. I’m in Western Washington state. Will your site help us, too?


  2. hi !! I try all ready 2 times with cupons and I just can’t get the benefit of it.
    do you think that the cupons are not for everybody?
    because it hasn’t worked for me!!!!

    so I think I’ll give it a try again for the 3rd time with your system to see if i works!!!
    and the think is that I try not to get things that containt preservatives so I do all my mixes. probably that’s why the cupons does not work for me . but I will check your system and give it a try.. thank you so much for your effort on putting all the information together!!! have a great day.

  3. Gaby,
    You know what, before I learned THIS system I did coupons too and I couldn’t see how they were worth it! Infact when I first learned about this I almost walked right out of the room because it had to do with coupons and newspapers! I am so glad I didn’t. Of course it is always up to you and if this is not for you I totally understand. I like to say that this method is for some people and maybe coupons are for some people and not for others.
    As for what you use your coupons for, I believe that couponing is worth it for at the LEAST your household items like detergents, soaps, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc… I splurge on some quick fix meal items because it makes my life easier at times, HOWEVER I too want to be careful what I feed my family. We are not eating cereal, pop tarts, and Hamburger Helper every single day. If you are concerned about those things then just focus on the household stuff for now. I am sure that alone will make it worth it for you.
    Good Luck- 3rd times the charm!
    PS I am not trying to “convert” anybody just sharing some great things that have helped my family :)

  4. It was wonderful to meet you and listen to how you and your family enjoy having food storage. I live in levack ON and my food stores are 45 min. away, well any with real sales on. So I’ve learned to look through my fliers making sure i know my prices and what is best buy before I go out,I can say that I feel the way you described (ready to explode with all the pressers I’m feeling) I just want it to happen,I just want to be ready and have enough food & necessity items for my family. Excited for the help.

  5. I would like to know where to get the coupons. I have heard about people doing this and have wanted to try it out, however I need to know how to START, even with getting coupons.
    I really appreciate you putting this out there for people like ME!!!!

  6. I stopped getting the newspaper because I found it just cluttering my house and recycle bin. Is there any way to get the coupons we need to use grocery smarts and the system without getting a newspaper?

  7. Thank you so much for this information. I have always wanted to use coupons but I never took the time to get started. I found out about your blog a month ago and was very disappointed to find out that grocerysmarts was not in Idaho :( . I love saving money and am very excited to get started with this. Thank for all of the helpful information on how to get started.

  8. Hi,
    I am a little bit confuse about the Smart source coupon site. Is it only in Ut and NV? or nation wide? I am having trouble printing the coupons. I live in CA.thanks

  9. My computer won’t open the tracking form. It would not open Jodi and Julie’s emergency form either until they put it in pdf format. Is there another format you could use or another way for me to get the tracking form? I don’t know anything about computers but if you have any ideas I would like to get your tracking form.Thanks

  10. I have never attempted this, but many seem to be successful. You have mentioned a class. Where can you take a class to learn your method, as I still seem a bit confused with the entire process? OR do you make housecalls???

  11. Nichole,
    I do make house calls if you live in Utah. Feel free to email me for more info at theobsessiveshopper@live.com


  12. Gabriela,
    The Smart Source(aka Group B ) site is nationwide. “The List’s” I feature at the top of my post area are for specific areas. I think this post will help answer some of your online coupon questions.
    Good Luck,

  13. [...] I was able to get the shelf put together and everything.  I am LOVING how easy it is to find cans now.  I’ve been buying generic brand cans, and so of course they aren’t made to actually stack (which is quite the nightmare when one decides to jump ship), so it’s been great to not have that battle daily.   I also decided to follow some of Crystal’s tips and conveniently have been able to have my whole kitchen much more organized and items more accessible.  I’m excited to have all of the additional room for more food storage now.  The lack of space for small cans was definitely limiting my ability to buy in bulk (as you can tell from the pictures), and so this should help us to save $ in the long run (along with The System). [...]

  14. Do you know anyone in Canada who has had any success with this? I can’t find any sites that are helpful for us Canadians and most of our food is already more expensive and I would love to find a way to make your system work up here.

  15. I live in Canada too and would love some information like this relevant to us.

  16. Is there a password for North Carolina on the GrocerySmarts.com website?


  17. I’m from Ontario, Canada and I’ve been using http://www.frugalshopper.ca for a couple of years. Great site that puts the sales & coupons together so you know when to get the best bang for your buck. Go to the discussion forums. Enjoy!

  18. Jakie-
    I have a link for every available Shopping list on my home page. As soon as more come I will put them up.
    My System page shows you how to create your own lists until already made ones are out there for you.

    Happy Shopping-

  19. I am also wondering if this will help in Western Washington as well. I have been struggling with a budget and a also getting food storage, my friends in Vegas and Utah directed me to you, but Will it work for me here? Thanks! :0)

  20. I’m in Central California (Bay Area) – will the So. Cal list work for me?

  21. Meggan and Angela,

    I would recommend looking at the Lists provided in areas close to you and comparing them to the stores in your area. I have found that some stores are the same on The Lists in other areas. For example I know Idahoans can use the Utah Albertson’s and Associated foods lists.

    Happy Shopping-

  22. [...] Obsessive Shopper- For Utah and Las Vegas – make sure you check out her system for a detailed explanation of how to get [...]

  23. I’m from Victoria BC, Canada and I’ve been using http://www.groceryalerts.ca.

  24. I cannot open the Tracking Form. I keep getting the message that the file is corrupt.

    I live in South Carolina.

  25. Sabrina,
    If you want to email me your email address I can try sending the file as an attachment. when I try to open it It open right up.


  26. Sabrina, You can find my email on the About/Contact me page :)

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