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Sam’s Club and Food Storage??

Hey guys, it’s Andrea from Andrea’s Corner. This week I wanted to focus on wholesale centers. Here is a table to compare/contrast some items available at SAMS wholesale:

Food StorageItem

Sam’s Club

Family Home Storage

Grocery Store Sales

Case Lot*

Extra Long Grain White Rice – 25 lb

$11.88/25 lb




$9.99 / 20lb


Pinto Beans – 25lb





$46.99 /41lb


Sugar – 25 lb









Here is a list of items that I put in my longterm food storage, also available for purchase at Sam’s**:

Riceland Extra Long Grain – 25 lb – $11.88
Riceland Extra Long Grain – 50 lb – $21.88
Diamond G Calrose Rice – 25 lb – $16.48
Golden Star Jasmine Rice – 25 lb – $17.88
Peak Pinto Beans – 25 lb – $13.29
Crystal Sugar (Granulated) – 50 lb – $20.99
Crystal Sugar (Granulated) – 25 lb – $11.17
Pure Wesson Canola Oil – 1.25gal – $8.87
Bakers & Chefs All Purpose Flour – 25lb – $7.37

If you want to store these items for a couple of years – make sure you factor that into the pricing. The cannery offers very competitive pricing on items already packaged for longterm storage. We will also be looking at different ways to store and package your food storage–be looking for upcoming posts.

Now that I have covered the most common avenues to buy your food storage (Online, Cannery, Grocery Store, Wholesale),  look forward to my next posts. I will be doing a cost analysis to save us the most money while using our food storage.

Thanks:) Coming Soon: Costco


*Macey’s Case Lot sale this past March

**Pricing as of March 2009

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2 Responses to “Sam’s Club and Food Storage??”

  1. I have found the difference in prices interesting as I have collected my own food storage. After trial and error, I found that for my own personal sanity, using the cannery was the easiest.

    For two years I lived in Oklahoma. At the time, the cannery was half way across the state. I organized purchasing trips to the cannery and turned my garage into a temporary cannery for my ward. I will never do that again unless I am forced to.

    I found out the hard way that I don’t like the flavor of flour that is canned. I only store flour in pouches. I also store spaghetti in pouches because I don’t want broken spaghetti. Everything else gets canned or purchased in buckets.

  2. Thanks Lisa for your input. That is amazing what you did for your ward our of your garage!

    Everyone has to do what works best for them:)

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