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Home Storage Centers (LDS Canneries)

Before I started my food storage, the cannery seemed so scary! There was way too much to learn and there was no way I could do it. I was wrong.  It is actually quite simple.  The LDS church has several canneries, and it is really easy. It just takes some organization. Click here to find a cannery near you.

I have found that each cannery is a little different and has different “rules.” If you have a question, make sure you contact your local cannery before you go. I hope some of this information helps:

  • There are two types of canneries, wet and dry. The dry cannery is very different from the wet cannery, and they offer very different items. Here is a list of items available at dry canneries. It also includes the prices and pack sizes available.
  • If you would like your items stored in a #10 can or pouch, you must can it yourself at the cannery. You can call your local cannery to set up an appointment.
  • Most people don’t know that the bulk items are available to purchase at any time. Simply go into the cannery and ask for them. You do not need an appointment. You will be asked to fill out a form giving your name, ward and stake. If you are not a member of the LDS church, simply put on the form that you are not a member.  A lot of people like to buy wheat and beans in bulk because it is cheaper, and they will use it all before it spoils. They store them in 3-6 gallon buckets. I will be doing a post soon on how to get cheap buckets!
  • If you are not close to a cannery, some of the items are available online.  The LDS Catalog website offers the following items :  Wheat, Pinto Beans, Quick Oats, White Rice, and the Starter Kit. Each kit contains 6, #10 cans of longer-term food supply items. Click here for the link, and look for “Family Home Storage” on the middle of the page.
  • All of the items above are available online at the canneries as well, they just cost a little more b/c they are already packaged in #10 cans.
  • For members of the LDS church, a lot of wards already have times set up to go to the cannery. Check with your local leaders to see when you can go with members in your own ward. If you are not a member of the LDS faith, ask one of your friends who may be.

Please leave any comments about how you use your canneries. It is fun to learn, and a lot easier when everyone shares info!

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8 Responses to “Home Storage Centers (LDS Canneries)”

  1. Oh this is perfect. I have been really intimidated by the cannery (never even been there yet). I’m so glad to know we can get the bulk items there at any time. It’s so nice to have someone doing the research for me. YAY!

  2. I just bought some of the hard white wheat from macey’s in that 45 gallon bucket. Do I have to now have to can it or put it in those pouches that the church sells for it to keep for a long time? Or can I just leave it in the bucket for it to keep? I’m guessing I have to use or can it, but i’m not sure. Also, how long will it keep in the bucket before it goes bad, assuming that it has to be used up?

    Thanks for you help.

  3. One thing that I think people should know is that most LDS canneries have the units (i.e. pouch sealer and/or canner) available for check out. (for free) This is great because it allows you to practice your grocery smarts and seal up the savings at home. This week I just finished sealing up 75 lbs of pasta in pouches that I had gotten on special. Now it will last 30+ years! Don’t be afraid to just go try it out there, the people are so nice and they love to help. I just went a couple of weeks ago to find out how things work and learned so much, now I just stop in on Tuesday or Thursday and use whatever money I have left over from my grocery budget to get a little extra there! great site, thanks!

  4. We have 2 older couples in our ward that volunteer (essentially work) there on a weekly basis. They set up an individual time for just our ward to go twice per month. We can dry product and then we can buy whatever we want. It is so incredibly fun and super easy. It only took us an hour last time to do what we needed to do because there were so many of us. Worth finding out if someone is able to do this in your individual wards.

  5. I am one of the Stake Canning Coordinators in our area (our dry-pack cannery serves 5 Stakes) and think it’s important for those around the country to understand that each cannery has its own policies for setting appointments, picking up bulk items, etc.

    For instance, at our cannery anyone who wants to buy bulk items needs to place an order and set an appointment to pick up their items. There are no drop-in purchases allowed. The cannery doesn’t have enough staff to serve drop-in “customers”, so pre-ordering eases their already too busy workload.

    Please contact those in your area who are connected with your dry-pack cannery so you’ll know what you can expect. (It’s worth all the trouble you have to go through in order to get food stored in your own home.)


  6. Packing food at the Dry-Pack Cannery is fun and easy! The other option (at our local cannery) is to purchase cans, lids, and oxy packs and do it yourself at home. Check with your stake to see if they have a can sealer machine that you can “check out.” This is also a great option if you get bulk dry goods (wheat, sugar, beans, etc) on a good sale and want to put it into cans, as you can’t bring outside food into the cannery.

  7. Anyone have an idea what I do wrong with the sealer? My pasta and my sugar and flour NEVER stay sealed for very long. I have use two and three of the packets inside the pouch but in a matter of days, the pouches have air in them!!

  8. Pattie, the only thing I can think of is that the seal may have a fold in it. If the pouches are filled too full, it can be difficult to have the raw edges of the pouch perfectly flat. Any resulting folds can let air in gradually.

    If there are no folds, I don’t know what else to tell you. :(

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