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Tuesday Tip-Top 3 Tips for the Lists

With school back in session I feel like I finally have some time for blogging! I was thinking of all the great posts that I have shared over the past few years to help you use the List’s more efficiently and save more at the store. I wanted all the best tips to be found on one page.  Below are my tope three tips for the lists.

- This post details how to create your custom shopping list using the shrink function.


-This post will show you how to find a coupon from the newspaper in your area using the search feature in the Alphabetical Coupon Index. This comes in handy when you want to find the restaurant coupons, or coupons for items that rarely go on sale.


-Learn how to find all the great online coupons from our lists by searching the Printable Coupon Database.  


 If I have left a tip out that you have found helpful please leave a comment.

More tips for the lists can be found on this page.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip-Top 3 Tips for the Lists”

  1. Wait, so the printable coupon index and alphabetical coupon index are different?

  2. The Alphabetical Index is only newspaper coupons and will be different depending on which state you are using. The Printable List shows all printable coupons and is the same for everybody. The two lists are seperate.

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