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Ways to Save-Write to Manufacturers for Samples and Coupons

I remember as a teenager calling the 800 numbers on the back of baking products. It was a funny joke to me then. I got free coupons and recipe books just by calling and pretending I was the woman of the house and telling these survey lines how much I loved their products. You may laugh but I was on to something those oh, so many years ago!

Did you know you can still get great manufacturer coupons today by doing the same thing? Now we can even email which takes seconds! One of my most favorite blogs to stalk is Couponing to Disney. Each day she gives a list of companies to contact for free coupons and or samples. She calls her lists 5 a Day and 4 a Day.

Here is a list borrowed from her site:

1. Aleve

2. Dreft

3. Marie Callender’s

4. Springer Mountain Farms

5. White Castle

Check it out and enjoy another (FREE) way to get coupons for the products you love! (Here’s a tip when signing up for offers or emails, create a free coupon only email account through gmail or hotmail. This way your personal account wont fill up with junk and your personal info will more protected.)

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

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