The benefits of the toaster oven

The benefits of the toaster oven

You sometimes feel frustrating when using the microwave oven and conventional ovens at once, right? Although we do not perpetually cook a whole food in the fridge, it still takes a lot of the cooking time. Obviously, this one does not make us surprising. Some foods, the canned seafood, for example, they are recommended that aren’t used in the microwave. In these cases, what will you have to choose? Yes, exactly, there is the toaster oven. It has plenty of benefits when using it. And there, the purpose of this article is also to show the striking advantages of the toaster oven. Don’t miss! Let’s see together, right now!

The Benefits of Utilizing a Toaster Oven in the Kitchen

Cooking an Even Way – Healthier Meals

healthier meals

By using the internal heating of the oven coming with the factors of heating, you can prepare a hot meal with the toaster oven. Basically, to prepare the meals with your toaster oven, it is going to take more time. Nevertheless, the risk of illness from the food will significantly be minimized.

It is certain that many of us get used to hearing of illness from E.coli, salmonella, or legionnaire’s disease. Yes, there are due to the bacteria in the food that isn’t completely killed. Consequently, it needs to cook thoroughly in order to kill the germs along with the frozen food. Aside from that, the cooked food also brings a better taste.

Browning & Cooking

If you want to brown or cook, the toaster oven is appreciated better than the microwave. When mentioning to browning or cooking, there are the areas for the microwave ovens expressed. For instance, in case we try to process pizza rolls in a microwave, the received result can be unsuitable and soggy. Frequently, the countertop ovens which have the ability to crisp this food type make it saltier.

Heating up Bread

Heating the bread

Saying to the toaster ovens, we knew that it is a great home appliance so as to heat bread become brown, warm, and crispy. If you do this in your microwave or large oven, the bread will be able to become too soft of hard. It is noticed that a toaster oven can make the pieces of your bread taste the crispy outside while the internal one is soft. On the other hand, you may also toast the bread for a long period of time to keep warm, but it will not be crispy. All is based on your individual preference.

Keep Warm the Food in a Long Time

Simply, you just need to place the food that you want to keep warm in the toaster and set the relatively low temperature. Those who don’t want to serve the food immediately. You choose to use a microwave, right? So, you can have to warm the food again because your food is very easy to cool a quick way. It’s true! This one is to waste the energy.

Convection Baking and Cooking

outstanding features of the toaster oven

A large number of toaster ovens have owned a system of the convection cooking. With these models, they are supported by a fan with the purpose of circulating the hot air as long as it is evenly around the toaster oven. In this way, the food is cooked an even manner. It can say that this feature will contribute to bringing a fully-cooked food with the delicious taste. So good!!!

The Energy

If you compare to the conventional ovens, the wattage of toaster ovens is less than those ovens. In general, it will take 1200-1800 watts when using a toaster oven. But, with a conventional oven, that power must double. Correspondingly, you will have a higher energy bill once you usually use the conventional oven. The best is only to use it for your large meals. For the small meals in a day, you ought to prioritize using the toaster oven.

The Versatility

modern toaster oven

When mentioning to the toaster oven, most people think that it has just been toasted the bread. It’s not true! In fact, there have one more the types of ovens that you may apply. In particular, the majority of modern toaster ovens in 2016 has owned a wide range of the temperature and the capacity of strong cooking. Accordingly, it allows you to handle a myriad of foods.

In additional to that, a couple of models come with the extra element to heat on the top. Like that, your food can be both cooked and warmed at once. Even, the modern toaster ovens still have the rotisserie hooks and touch screens. In comparison with the models in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, these toaster ovens have many changes. What’s more, baking, defrosting, warming, or broiling may also be handled by these home appliances.

The Technology of the Toaster Oven

As a whole, the recent toaster ovens have owned many outstanding features such as the quartz-heating factors, convection, smart ovens, LCD screen… Thanks to that, the housewives have a beneficial appliance that enables handling a variety of tasks with less effort.

In spite of the compact design compared to other ovens, these big ovens aren’t entirely convenient for your meals when they take plenty of energy to operate. Conversely, a toaster oven without taking a lot of energy can help you bake, roast, broil, reheat, and toast your foods whenever you’d like to. With these benefits, the toaster oven is a great home appliance for the holidays. It sounds great!

After reading this article, you could recognize that a toaster oven is used not only for the toasted bread but also for others. It is convenient in comparison with a microwave or conventional when it doesn’t take a lot of energy to work. So, you can both taste well and save an amount of your budget. What a good it is!!!

handheld blender

handheld blender

Should I buy a handheld blender? – You feel confused on this. Yes, right now, this article will show the advantages of the handheld blender when using. Based on there, you can consider choosing to purchase one or not. Let’s see!

The Advantages of a Handheld Blender

You can refer a handheld blender to a stick blender. It can say that it is one of the most common used home appliances. Nonetheless, a couple of people still feel confused in investing a handheld blender or counter top one. A small version of the hand mixer is the handheld blender – according to some people assume. It isn’t wrong.

With a long shaft like a stick and an only-rotating blade, this one creates the difference from the standard blenders with two blades and a bowl in order to blend an automatic way. To prevent the risk of injuries, this handheld blender has a blade guard. It is noticed that the material of the shaft is often the stainless steel or plastic. And the steel is also used to make the blades.

Thanks to the compact size, you can utilize to blend things in the bowls, pots, or jars. For a traditional blender, you are going to have to mix all things in the bowl. There is the difference between two of them – the handheld blender and traditional blender. Aside from what mentioned, the handheld blender has other advantages.

Why Should I Utilize a Hand Blender?

Using a handheld blender

You often spend a lot of time in your kitchen so as to process the various dishes for your relatives and friends, right? Well, a handheld blender will be a great home appliance for you. At present, there are plenty of different home models available on the market. However, it is important that a handheld blender will be able to satisfy the essential needs and help you to do other necessary tasks. The majority of the hand blenders can do the capacities of the fundamental mixing. With the advanced models, they still have the additional attachments, which enable to you to do more.

Yes, it is sure that you will want to buy a flexible hand blender to complete the various jobs. In additional to that, it must make sure that you feel it fit your hand. To take care of tasks not difficult, you need to a good balance. Let’s have peace of mind! With a handheld blender, you can mix pudding, combine cake, whisk egg, and whip cream. So good!!!


A handheld blender is flexible

Saying to the handheld blender, it ought to know that you are able to use it for a wide range of recipes, smoothies, baby food, and soup, for example. These ones can be performed an easy manner if you choose to utilize this device. Simply, adding the necessary ingredients and inserting the blade into an end of your blender, the next is to turn on it, by pressing the ‘start’ button.

Using the handheld blender, it allows you to puree or blend the food before or after being cooked. The food will be sprayed everywhere and will make your kitchen become mess – no – no – no. This one will never occur. With the beneficial design, a longer shaft helps hold the food inside when blending. The power button will always be pressed while using, so it must ensure that this button may press down an easy manner. Let’s keep this in your mind when choosing to purchase a handheld blender!


A handheld blender is convenient

It is probably that this is the largest advantages of the handheld blender in comparison with the traditional models. Once you utilize this hand blender, the pot can directly be used, instead of transferring the mixture from this container to another one – it is unnecessary.

On the other hand, the operation of this model is quiet if you compare to other countertop products. This feature is especially ideal for those family have the little kids. What’s more, cleaning is also not difficult because of the removable blade. Only with a clean cloth, you can easily clean it. One thing you are not forgotten – it remembers to unplug the blade before you remove the leftover food on it.

A Wide Range of Accessories

many accessories

Aside from the whisks – the frother (for coffee drinks) and chopping tools that we want to mention to, a couple of handheld blenders have other extra accessories. In particular, there is a jar or a mixing bowl. Yes, it is very handy because you can mix all the ingredients in a separate container when needing. What a beneficial it is!

Apart from, with a variety of speed, the handheld blenders allow you to utilize for many various purposes. The difference from the traditional models, with the tough items, you should not utilize these handheld blenders, which are only suitable for the softer items. Let’s remember!

If you want to knead dough, the handheld blender will provide a beneficial look when it is equipped the dough hooks. Don’t be in doubt! The result is the same as utilizing your hands to knead. Do you want to puree and blend sauces as well as soups in the deep stockpots? Well, the length of the handheld blender can be extended easily. So great!!!


It cannot deny that the developing technology makes our life more convenient. Thanks to these modern devices, everything around us becomes simpler and easier, including, cooking. To cook rice, we have a rice cooker. To grill, the gas grill is convenient. If you want to serve a fast breakfast, a toaster over is always ready. And to blend, there is…a handheld blender.

You also see what we mentioned above. This model has plenty of advantages when using. Once you know how to pick up a proper one, it will be a beneficial home appliance in your kitchen. You still have suspicions about the handheld blenders that do not invest a reliable one. It makes sure that your cooking is going to become simpler than ever.

issues of gas grill

issues of gas grill

It is certain that those who love the outdoor activities or want to enjoy the delicious foods while sitting on the grass, it cannot ignore the gas grill. Nowadays, the majority of the American households has owned one for themselves. A couple of people can be going to use their grill once in a certain time. Others may also utilize it when the season of grilling comes. On the other hand, there have some people that take all the possible chances to use the gas grill.

Occasionally, we want to know which group of people we belong. Nonetheless, it does not matter. In fact, the value of the gas grill is the same as other home appliance that you have owned in the house. Let’s think! An important guest comes to your house enjoy the grilled vegetables and meat, but you don’t have anything to provide. What a bad it is!

In case you’d like to establish a long-term relationship with a gas grill, you not only can utilize it but also spend the time to clean and maintain it. As a whole, it needs your care. In additional to that, you have to be able to diagnose in a correct way the essential issues related to the gas grill. However, it is necessary that you must need a mechanic expert so as to give the diagnosis in an exact manner. It is important how to repair it correctly. A professional mechanic in this period isn’t needed to call because we will share with you a couple of the most popular issues related to a gas grill right now! Let’s see!!!

The Most Common Problems of the Gas Grill You Want to Know

The Burners Don’t Light

Why don’t the burners light? Yes, the most typical reason is due to the propane flow that has a problem. When recognizing this, you ought to check the connections related to propane. Don’t forget to check the propane tank. It must ensure that it is full. You just need to check the guide. Its position is at the side of your gas grill. The majority of the models along with diagrams is to measure the level of propane. At once, they tell you time to refill.

In case the tanks are full, the knob on its top is to need to consider. There is a position that a hose via the attached gas. Simply, it lets turn the knob clockwise until you recognize its tightness. After the connection is secured, you begin checking the valve that is located on the top of the tank. Gas is released a bit, right? So, it is necessary to turn the knob again. When lighting, it should open the valve.

how to fix

Following, you continuously consider the burner the inside of the gas grill. You will see the small row. At here, there have the metal rods, which have holes. After getting a can of the compressed air, it blasts the air at the burners. You must ensure that it shuts gas off. Aside from, before blasting the internal air, there don’t have flame burning. In this way, the leftover food or grease will be removed and cannot make the burners be clogged.

Another problem is possible from the igniter. It can be damaged by extreme cold or dampness. You need to determine the position of the igniter switch in order to overcome it. Generally, you can find at the bottom of your gas grill. Then, a small hole is located in the area. It uses a propane lighter and lights it. The valve on the top of the propane tank must be turned until opening. Continuously, you will turn the knob on the control area to the light location. Finally, the lighter is ignited.

The Grillers Don’t Heat up

Initially, you adjust the shutters of the air or the internal venture tubes of the gas grill and ensure that you are aligning them correctly when you recognize this occur whenever. The next, it checks the gas tank. The purpose is to ensure that the leakage is no. The gas valve is kept a closed way and gradually opened. It combines a tablespoon of dish-washing liquid with a cup of water after spraying them on the hoses and fittings.

guidelines to fix the griller

You recognize the mixture bubbles, don’t you? Like that, it has a leakage. Let’s turn off the gas and tighten the parts of the leakage. In case they are too damaged, the replacement is difficult to avoid. Aside from that, you can also check the lock that is unlocked in a correct way, right? The mechanism of the knob and the stem of the valve is made sure the appropriate gas flow.

The Flame Burns Yellow

Similar to what we mentioned above, the fundamental object you should do when the flame is yellow – it is to check the shutters of the air. It is necessary for finding the foreign materials and spider webs in the tubes after cleaning all. Apart from, any leftover grease or foods must be removed a thorough way. It is probably that there has an oil firm on your burners. If you want to eliminate this, you only need to turn on your gas grill and set up it on the high temperature. Then, you let it leave for ten minutes.

The flame is yellow

On the other hand, there can also be the problem of the regulators. Most regulators have tended to stick together when they stick. Correspondingly, the gas is not enough to grill correctly. If it wants to overcome this, the propane tank must be turned off. The gas line is also be turned and then the gas grill needs to be opened. Besides, the control valves must be set at the high level for 1 minute after you turn off the valve. Now, you can reconnect the gas line and begin to grill. So good!

For the time being, if you meet these cases, I believe that you will know how to fix. Happy grilling enjoy!!!

Toaster oven vs microwave oven

Toaster oven vs microwave oven

You see many people use a microwave, don’t you? And, you don’t get used to using a toaster oven, right? So, you have ever wondered that you will choose the toaster oven or microwave oven when you go shopping. Apart from you, other housewives also feel curious about this. It understands this curiosity, so we want to share with you – the related knowledge to both through the comparison toaster ovens with microwave ovens. Let’s see!!!

Toaster Ovens vs Microwave Ovens

How to Cook the Food

  • Toaster ovens: By heating the inside of the oven with the elements of heating, the food is cooked. Depending on the chosen model, the heating element is one or more. Since it makes the food cooked from the outside in, so the cooking time of toaster ovens is long in comparison with microwaves.
  • Microwave ovens: Thanks to the electromagnetic waves, the molecules of water is heated up at the same time. For the result, the food is cooked. That’s why the toaster cooking is lower than microwave oven cooking.

Brown and Toast

The microwaves don’t have the ability to brown or toast the food while heating elements of toaster oven make the food toast and brown an even way.

Toaster oven vs microwave


While the toaster ovens crisp your food an excellent way, the microwave makes everything become soggy. Basically, if you want to have a bacon in your microwave, you will have to cook it the heck. Nevertheless, the result doesn’t still likely compare with a toaster oven. Let’s forget! A microwave will never bring a crispy one.

Heat Bread

  • Toaster ovens: The bread will be heated a wonderful way in your toaster oven. With this device, it is not difficult to make your bread become crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. On the other hand, you may also cook for a long period of time to keep warm, but not crispy.
  • Microwave ovens: It is terrible if you choose to heat your bread. Whether you select the type of bread, it still ends up chewy and tough.

Cook Potatoes

Whatever there are microwaves or toasters, they can cook potatoes as well as sweet potatoes a good way. Nonetheless, the result of the toaster ovens is better than a microwave oven though the toaster oven is to take a lot of time.


Cook Frozen Food

  • Toaster ovens: To cook the frozen foods, this home appliance is excellent. A couple of models, the Breville BOV800XL toaster, for instance, have the ability to adjust the temperature and cooking time to cook the frozen foods. Although cooking the frozen foods is slower than the microwave ovens, many foods have a crispy crust, thanks to the convection.
  • Microwave ovens: If you want frozen foods to be cooked a quick way, a microwave is an ideal selection. In comparison with toaster ovens, its cooking time is faster. However, the result is not crispy.

Cook Pizza

If the microwave ovens are not diverse in cooking pizza, in particular, the Hot Pocket pizza or the types along with the silver boxes inside. On the contrary, the toaster ovens allow you to cook a wide range of pizzas with the size ~ 9-13. The result with a crispy crust is very perfect, right?

Toaster ovens bring many types of pizza


A couple of toaster ovens have owned the convection cooking. With this feature, you can cook faster and at the low temperature. Inevitably, the microwave ovens haven’t owned this feature.

Cook with Large Quantity

For the toaster ovens, the best is to cook with a small quantity of food while the microwave ovens are easy to meet this need.

Reheat Food

Frequently, we still think that reheating food should do in a microwave oven. Nonetheless, in fact, a toaster oven provides a better result. Even though it will take a lot of time compared to microwave ovens, you shall have a greater food. In this aspect, the toaster ovens are more outstanding.

toaster or microwave

Warm Food

  • Toaster ovens: You just need to put the food in the toaster and set the temperature at the low level. It’s okay!
  • Microwave ovens: You can only keep warm the food after it is cooked. However, it still cools if you don’t serve right away.


The microwave ovens are easier than the toasters. The non-removable rack is a disadvantage while you can remove the rack of microwaves an easy way.

Interior and Exterior Heat

  • Toaster ovens: The majority of toaster ovens has exterior heat throughout using. Consequently, you need to avoid putting the plastic things too close to the toaster. What’s more, the interior heat is hotter. If you want to remove the food after cooking, you should equip the pads.
  • Microwave ovens: They don’t have the exterior heat while using. But, similar to the toaster ovens, you must also wear the pads when removing the food.

The Countertop

When saying to the countertop, the toaster ovens are light, small, and easy to move compared to the microwave ovens. The exception case is the mounted-under-counter microwaves.

The Energy

We make a comparison between the toaster and microwave oven right now. Cooking with a toaster oven, it takes 1,200-1,800 watts – 12¢/ 1,000 watts ~ 15¢ – 22¢ per hour while using a microwave only takes 700-1,300 watts – 12¢/ 1,000 watts ~ 8¢ – 16¢ per hour. Looking at these numbers, it can recognize that using the toaster oven is more expensive than a microwave oven.

Based on this comparison, we can recognize that the toaster oven cooking is slower than the microwave oven cooking, but it brings a better taste and texture. Depending on your decision, if you want to save, the microwave will be your selection. Nonetheless, to have a delicious meal, the toaster oven is more outstanding. You can be going to take a little time compared to using the microwave, but you will have a better food. Your decision is…microwave oven? Or toaster oven?

How the slow cooker work

The slow cooker and the thermal pot

It is certain that you get used to seeing slow cookers and thermal pots on the market, right? So, do you know their function as well as what they are utilized in your kitchen? There isn’t short of the available brands that are appreciated well. Correspondingly, you feel confused when must choose either two.

Yes, it lets us tell you. In fact, they are not different from the function, but there has a difference related to the technical aspect. Using both, you can keep the soup or stew for a long period of time. Nonetheless, one utilizes the electricity while the other is not. There don’t have the science lessons. Simply, we only make a couple of comparison between thermal pots and slow cookers. Let’s start!!!

Some Simple Comparison Related to Slow Cookers and Thermal Pots

The Slow Cooker

When saying to the slow cooker, we must know that it utilizes the electricity, along with the attached thermostat at the bottom. Thanks to that, your soups/ stews are held warm all a day in a long time. Owing to having owned a thermostat, it allows us to adjust the temperature like our desire.

The inside of the slow cooker uses the normal Chinese method in order to keep the warmth by utilizing a couple of the stone material, porcelain or ceramic, for example. It is known that the thermostat is based on the supplement of the electricity so as to produce the heat a constant way. And then, this heat continues to be transferred from the bottom into the inside of the pot. Exactly, the convection of the heat will occur in the pot. Because of the thick stone material inside the pot, losing the heat is no more. It takes place at a slow rate.

How the slow cooker work

You just need to observe a bit that you can recognize the special thing. The slow cooker has the outer pot that looks glossy. This one is not natural. It is deliberate so because this one makes the heat loss slow through utilizing the law of radiation. On the other hand, with the thick glass, the lid of the slow cooker helps minimize the heat loss.

Basically, there is a whole operation of the slow cooker. It is important that you only remember that it utilizes the electricity to keep the heat.

The Thermal Pot

To understand how the thermal pot operates, you let remember the heat-transferring theory as well as the vacuum flasks in physics that you are studied in school. By applying the laws of heat conduction, convection, and radiation so as to help keep the heat.

The means of vacuum will reduce the heat convection and conduction a significant, but it isn’t total. In comparison with the foam, the vacuum is still better. For the time being, the thermal pot has an inner wall and outer wall. And then, the vacuum is in the middle of these walls. Thanks to the supplement of vacuum, both the heat convection and conduction is significantly minimized.

How the thermal pot work

In additional to that, the means of the silvering layers make the infrared radiation reduce on the walls/sides of the inside of the pot. It cannot deny that two lids (both the outer and inner one) with the insulating support at the bottom of pot greatly minimizes the heat-losing process. The minimization of the heat conduction, convection and radiation are due to the combination of the silver layers and vacuum. Similar to one vacuum flask, the thermal pots may also keep the temperature at the cold and hot level in a long time, based on the theory of the heat transfer.

Do you know the operating process of the thermal pots? Well, you prepare the spirit with us. The next, we will learn the difference between the two of them.

The Difference

+ Electricity: This feature is to spend for the slow cooker. On the contrary, the thermal pot doesn’t use it. Consequently, if you want to save money, the thermal pot is better.

+ The safety: For the slow cooker, whenever you want to warm the stew/soup, you only need to turn on it. Mentioning to the thermal pot, you need to place it on the stove for 10-15 minutes – it will self-cook. With this feature, you can pick up either two because it allows you to cook the soup at home or work – it is good.

+ Versatile: It needs to have a jack so that the slow cooker can operate. If you have an outdoor activity, a picnic, for example, it is obviously inconvenient. For the thermal pot, with the ability to self-cook whether it removes out of the stove, it is ideal for an outdoor dinner.

What is better?

+ Multifunction: You can utilize the slow cooker for the warm and hot purpose while the thermal pot is ideal for the cold and hot needs, utilizing to keep the cold drinks, for instance. It seems convenient!

+ The capacity of cooking: Saying to the over-cooking capacity, the slow cooker will be an ideal choice in comparison with the thermal pot. The thermal pot is to the natural slow-cooking method. The foods like the meat and vegetables can retain their color. The soup in the thermal pot is left after a long day, but it is clear. There is a practical experience of those who utilize the thermal pot and have changed into the slow cooker.

+ Convenience: For the slow cooker, you need to set up the correct temperature so as to complete the soup properly. Nonetheless, the temperature adjustment at the thermal pot is not necessary. It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook on the stove after putting it back the outer.

The purpose of the article is to help you understand a clearer way how the slow cooker and thermal pot work. Based on what things are shared, it seems the advantage to belong the thermal pot because it is more convenient and affordable so that you can cook a soup with the meat and vegetables without taking the effort.

Using a rice cooker

Using a rice cooker

Are you a fan of the grains? So, do you know that your rice cooker can be used to process your preferred grains? Well, apart from the grain, you can still utilize the rice cooker in order to process soups, pudding, millet, porridge, and so on. By making use of the hands-free nature, you may be easy to cook and incorporate other ingredients aside from rice.

Basically, the rice cookers bring a lot of cooking space in comparison with other home appliances. They are self-monitoring and effective. Thanks to the tight seals, they are considered as a steam-free and a cooler in the kitchen. Even, your food can be kept until you’d like to serve. At present, there are a lot of models with the various sizes on the market. Plus, a wide range of cookbooks spends for your rice cooker. Yes, right now, we will learn about a couple of new cooking uses for the rice cooker that if those who get used to thinking that it only use for cooking rice, this one should forget.

Using the Rice Cooker with New Cooking Methods

Cooking Grains with Your Rice Cooker

How to work

By cooking an intuitive way, the grain will absorb all the water completely. Then, the rice cooker will switch itself into the warming setting so as to keep warm your food until it serves. Owing to the tight seal of the machine, your rice cooker doesn’t lose a lot of liquid from evaporating. Therefore, it should only use a small amount of water, instead of utilizing more. This one is always good.

A rice cooker

Robin Asbell – a culinary advisor has given a suggestion for us – it utilizes the setting of white rice for the grain. Yes, similar to the millet, buckwheat, you will only take 25 minutes or less to complete your grains while the larger grains will be applied the setting like the brown rice. Of course, the time will be longer. Let’s try! It is certain that you will recognize what works are suitable for your need.

Aside from rice

It will be adventurous for the freed-up chef. Thanks to the additional convenience of your rice cooker, a large number of people want to try many different recipes with the new grains that they haven’t been used to cook before. It is not difficult to explore the strange grains, Kamut, for example. Inevitably, the cooking time is self-monitored. As a whole, to cook the various grains, the ratio between the water and the grains is like you often use in the rice cooker.

Your cooking time is shortened

A couple hearty grains such as Kamut, spelt, and wheat berries are able to take up 75 minutes of cooking. At that time, it takes plenty of time in order to keep your eyes on the rice cooker. Basically, the rice cooker has the automatic shut-off. The observation is to stop the cooking process switching to the warm while still cooking. This one is not necessary that you must track throughout. You can still do others.

A busy morning

All in

A couple of rice cookers have an additional basket to steam the vegetables in a simultaneous way with the grain. Obviously, there is an easy manner to add the vegetables to the meals. For example, you want to make the wheat cous cous and the vegetables. So, you just put both on the top. Surely, a delicious meal is waiting for you.

Busy morning

According to the nutrition experts, the breakfast is the most crucial meal of a day. However, with the busy life today, cooking in morning seems a limited thing. Let’s imagine that a warm breakfast has the warm oatmeal with the multi-nutrient – what a perfect it is! This one is not luxurious. By utilizing the rice cooker, it requires you to plug in it and freshen up without needing to monitor the meal yours. Simply, you just add the preferred flavorings, in particular, walnuts, apple slices, cinnamon, and more. It is too easy and simple, right? Like that, a nutritious breakfast isn’t something that you cannot reach.

Other New Cooking Uses for the Rice Cooker

You are interested in learning the new uses for your own rice cooker, aren’t you? Well, you are going the true direction. There are some other uses that you can consult:

Using rice cooker for other needs

#1. A hot meal

As we mentioned above, a breakfast isn’t still difficult. Using the rice cooker like a slow cooker, adding the cereals, a little milk, or water you will have a hot meal whenever you’d like to. Apart from the oatmeal, you can use any dried fruits or nuts if you prefer. It is noticed that the warm-keeping function will help your dish always warm for any time of the day not only the breakfast. So good!!

#2. Steaming vegetables

So ideal! Your rice cooker has owned a steamer rack, right? Well, you are able to utilize it to steam vegetables, potatoes, tofu, chicken breast, shrimp, or fish fillets. Yes, like that, serving a meal is never easy like that.

#3. Making risotto without stirring

You get used to processing sauté onion with the butter in your rice cooker, then you continue adding one section of Arborio rice with four sections of the liquid, don’t you? Well, let’s try cooking for 25 minutes, by using the slow setting if it has one. The last one, it mixes herbs or cheese a bit. It seems delicious, right?

#4. Slow-cooking beans, stews, or soups

You can also your rice cooker like a slow cooker, by adding an enough amount of liquid and your desired food, it is going to create a long-simmered dish without having to boil or scorch. You will have a warm dinner with the pea, the browned beef, and vegetables in your machine. What a perfect it is!

#5. Poaching fruit

The healthy desserts from simmering fruit in wine, syrup, or juice is ideal, right? Exactly, a rice cooker can entirely do that.

In fact, there are many other uses for a rice cooker, but what shared things above are the most common. And we hope that you will have the warm dishes from your machine, apart from rice. Happy cooking enjoy!!!